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Pressure treatment and additional processing

Our products can be:

pressure treated

Tanalith E 3475 green

Tanalith E wood preservative penetrates deep into the wood in the vacuum treatment cylinder, thus ensuring its longevity. After treatment, product obtains UC3 compliant protection, but when treating dried pine wood, timber obtains even longer lasting - UC4 compliant protection.

Tanalith E 3475 brown

During the vacuum treatment process, the addition of Tanatone 3999 brown additive to Tanalith E gives the final product a brown tint.

antistain treated

Wolsin FL-35

Wood treatment with the antiseptic Wolsin provides its protection against fungus and mold.


Treatment of wood with creosote oil ensures its special resistance to environmental factors.

kiln dried

Kiln dried or air-dried timber with the moisture content of 18 - 22% is suitable for any type of application, because it better absorbs all types of wood treatment products. Excellent building material.

heat treated

Heat treatment of timber is performed in accordance with the ISPM 15 standard to prevent the development of pests during further transportation and storage. The wood is treated at 56°C for at least 15 minutes.

Treatment type - HT.

Marking of UC4 treated timber

UC4 Pro-Post

To ensure trackability and warranty, heat-seal on timber is provided.